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Hello and welcome to my blog. I have developed this blog to help me with my frustrations!!!  I am a family nurse practitioner who has been in private practice for over 10 years. I have become more and more frustrated with my job within the conventional medical model. We are told we need to prescribe “X” medication for “X” disease and then we have to give” Y” medication for the side effects of “ X” medication and then “Z” disease develops due to the use of “X” and” Y” medication.  It is not my intention to bash conventional medicine, as we are very blessed to have the advancements that have been made. I do, however, feel that pharmaceutical and medical procedures are too often used as primary interventions.

Not feeling good about what I was doing to help people and also having health concerns of my own, I set out to find another way. Since 2011, I have been studying functional medicine. Functional medicine is based on finding underlying issues that present as disease and then taking steps to correct the underlying issue so that the body can heal itself. As a surprise to most who think they are just broken, the body REALLY wants to heal. In functional medicine, we know that one has to remove the excesses/barriers and provide the materials needed for the body to do the work it desperately wants to do.

Despite knowing this, I have continued in my conventional medicine practice, which has left me in an ethical dilemma. I try to teach the principles I learn in functional medicine in the time allowed, but to be honest, the general theme is that individuals just want a pill or procedure to fix them.  I do not think these people are lazy or ignorant. People do not have enough information to realize the dramatic differences they could see and feel if they made simple but profound changes. I have some but not many who take me up on the lifestyle changes, testing methods, or non-pharmaceutical approaches used in functional medicine. I care very deeply for the patients that have trusted me with their health care, and because of this, it truly bothers me to hand out medications for problems I know can be corrected with lifestyle modifications. The purpose for me here is to help as many people as I can that are willing to invest their time on their healing instead of sitting in a medical office waiting on their slip to take the pharmacy.

It is an exciting time within the functional medicine space as we are learning more and more about our physiology and its interaction within our environments. Genetics, environmental influences on gene expression, and the internal microbiome (bacteria living in us) are a few of the exciting subjects being studied that have huge impacts on our health and well-being.

I am currently in a mentorship program with Chris Kresser, LAc who is a brilliant, evidenced based practitioner of functional medicine. I am also finishing my requirements needed to become a certified Functional Medicine Provider by the Institute of Functional Medicine. I should finish by early to mid 2017. I will share with you my research, things I’m learning, experiences with my patients, and experiences from my own health journey in hopes to help even one person! My goal is to keep it simple and give you actionable steps you can take at home to improve your health. Many of you will need to work with a functional medicine provider to help guide you as we are all unique. Feel free to leave comments below on areas you would like to see covered. Thank you for reading, and I hope we can get know each other!

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