What People Say ....

" I just turned 30 and had gained 30lbs since separating from the Army, which was embarrassing. As soldiers we were taught we always needed to be "fit to fight". I was not fit for anything. I was tired all the time and had more bad days than good. I decided to improve my health on my 30th birthday in April of 2014, I participated in multiple half marathons, started crossfit and "tried to eat better". My weight, energy level and overall health stayed the same. Around Christmas 2014 my mother drove me to Brandy's office. After the visit and a few tests it was determined I was insulin resistant and had adrenal dysfunction. It was not until Brandy did anyone explain to me my PCOS was tied directly to insulin resistance. I followed Brandy's recommendations for diet, exercise, stress management, and supplements. I lost about 30lbs and felt amazing.
I am off all medications, even birth control. She is working with me to get my hormones to regulate themselves. I now only take a natural hormone supplement. I have had to make a lot of changes but I am healthier now than I have ever been. I notice now when I eat something that I shouldn't because I actually pay attention to by body, which I never did before. I knew what I ate was important but these changes in my diet have drastically improved my mental and physical health. I have more energy and my mind is clearer. I had racing thoughts and found it hard to focus before.
The important take-ways is that I am healthier, with a better attitude, and I feel better. As a result I am a better wife, family member, friend and employee. My quality of life has improved drastically since Brandy started treating me. I have recommended her to everyone who has asked me about my change in weight or overall health. I don't think any traditional doctor would be able to sift through all my issues, sit me down and say your problem is your diet. Brandy has been very responsive to my questions and concerns. She even gave me advice as to how implement my dietary restrictions in a family house hold setting, no one in the family eats like me but they are all supportive.  "  

Leah Morales

For as long as I can remember I have always had weight issues, acid reflux, and migraines. As the years went by the reflux was getting worse and worse. The last 10 years was so bad that it woke me up 3 to 5 times a week. . I've had many tests and my gall bladder removed which didn’t help. Other doctors didn't have an answer except to stop eating spicy foods which I had already. Finally I started working with Brandy and she ran a few different tests. I had gut related issues that we worked on and eliminated my food sensitivities. I was highly sensitive to dairy, wheat, and almonds which I ate just about every day. She worked with me on my diet and ordered certain supplements. Within just a couple of weeks I was symptom free and to my surprise was 10 pounds lighter!! Something unexpected happened as well, my migraines were now few and far between. I have had migraines all my life. I have seen to several specialists and had many tests including an MRI. I used to be in bed with them for 2 to 4 days at a time. Now I'm off all the meds for my stomach and migraines. The migraines are no more than a dull headache now and I don't have any stomach problems. I'm thankful and appreciative of Brandy for researching and studying my problems.
RW, Paris, TX